Sojourn Maui Bed & Breakfast is now on Vine and Instagram

Sojourn Maui Bed and Breakfast is going social.

As the newest bed and breakfast in Kihei, Maui, we're not the easiest accommodation to find online...yet!  It takes both technological savvy and time for one's website to get noticed and get on the first page of whatever it is your customers are searching for - Maui Bed and Breakfasts. :-)

So, what does a small business without a huge marketing budget do to gain attention and momentum? 

They get more social - online and offline.

We're now posting 6 second videos on Vine and photos on Instagram of our property, personal recommendations on what to see and do while visiting the island as well as pictures of pleasantly, positive people you'll want to meet during your visit.

I'm still in the process of figuring out how best to post and tag in these applications and as I get better at it, I'm hoping more and more people will find us. Of course, we'll continue to post pictures here from time to time as well and we're contemplating when our next Dance Party might be.

Stay tuned in and stay with us when you come to Maui!